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– When we first built MTG we never intended for there to be any games played online. We were just building the tools. We never imagined that the online community would be so much larger than our game world. So, what are we doing in this final year? We have been investing in game-play updates and other improvements we need to make in order to make the experience more fun and more accessible online. We hope you agree that this is not for everyone but we are building a game that is for everyone.

How are you developing the game? – MTG was all the rage at first, but not everyone was interested in playing at that level of intensity. The new MTG will be an online game where players can choose to get in touch with each other in a game setting as well as live on the same computer and online. We are working on our multiplayer online feature right now and are aiming to have it ready by the end of summer. We also plan to release the competitive card game within the next six months, though more information about that is forthcoming.

When are you releasing the competitive card game? – This time next year: I hope everyone can say yes! In the meantime, I’m working on a few smaller features right now that will come online as we move forward with the competitive card game.

When are you releasing the online card game? – I’m already starting this one in 2016, with our competitive card game arriving around that time.

Is your game free play? – Yes, but only if you choose to buy a premium account. If you buy a free account and your friends want to play, they are welcome to do so as long as they are of the same tier.

Do you plan to have a public queue for matches? – No, we want players’ own preference at every step of the experience.

When do you aim to launch the online card game? – We will be launching the online card game in summer 2016, with full card sets available before then.
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This will be a free-to-play game and we are planning to offer a premium account for players who choose to spend money. This can be either a free or a premium account.

What is your timeline? – We will release the online card game in summer 2016.

What is your community? – We have a passionate and active community, with thousands of MTG players in every country around the world. We use a lot of social media, so we

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