How does MTG close up work? – How To Do Easy Magic Tricks With Hands Only

MTG players and Wizards of the Coast are working to make it easier and more fun for everyone. This includes increasing our tools and technology, providing more tournaments, and improving and expanding our infrastructure. Below is how MTG closes in on you with our latest release:

Our Player Dashboard displays all of your statistics in one central location, and provides the most accurate and complete measure of how you’re doing, what you’re playing, whether your deck’s in top 100, how you’re ranked nationally, and more. Your Stats dashboard can be downloaded at any time for your convenience.

With the release of our Pro Tour Deck Analysis Player Dashboard, you can now view detailed, interactive data that enables you to compare and evaluate which cards and decks are best suited to your own playing style. It’s incredibly helpful when you’re figuring out a card that might not have done so well in the Pro Tour, for example. The data also provides additional insights for pro players who want to better understand their own play style.

For those who find the Pro Tour and deck analysis tools to be very advanced and require access to sophisticated data, we offer the Pro Tour Deck Analyzer which automatically analyzes the deck in front of you. The player analysis tool is available as an interactive chart with live analysis of the current state of the game, as well as interactive visualization of the top cards for the current meta. It’s the best tool for analyzing the best cards and decks in the current meta.

Lastly for those who enjoy watching a replay of their game, MTG has the PTQ replay browser. As with other replay engines, the player analysis tool displays detailed game highlights including play, deck types, and sideboard, as well as historical data on the last two events (including PTQ Invitational results) of a PTQ.

There’s still some work to be done, but we hope these improvements will help improve our community experience while still maintaining our commitment to helping you play the best Magic possible.

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