How does magic work?

The first thing to realize is that it is not as simple as you might think. There are a number of different types of magic, each with separate qualities that all work in various ways in the world around us and may give some sort of benefit or help. Of course, the most important thing is to just make sure our understanding of what the heck is going on is correct.

I have decided to present the most commonly asked questions below to hopefully shed some light on how magic works.

Some people are wondering about the difference between fire and energy.

If an object is glowing by some sort of energy (fire), does that mean it is burning?

No. These are different types of energy.

The difference between fire and energy is in the physical and/or emotional effects they have.

If an object is glowing by some sort of energy (fire), does that mean it is burning? If the burning is by a fire, then the object is burning because it is using energy from the flames on them to produce thermal energy. This can be beneficial in some cases. In certain cases, it can also cause great harm but it does not burn. Also, fire can sometimes be more powerful than the objects within the fire, and the amount of energy emitted is often dependent upon the amount of heat that will be lost.

What is color to humans?

It is a matter of the human eye being able to perceive differences in light color, and we are a color blind species, so color is determined by the human eye. For the purposes of magic, color is determined by the type of magic being applied to the victim.

If someone says a person says something, does that mean we are seeing their real voice?

We don’t see anyone’s voice so it does not really matter if they say anything or not. However, when a person is speaking and they cannot be heard, that person is usually speaking through some form of magic.
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What is a magic ring?

We are not talking here about a large ring that everyone buys and wears. We are talking about ordinary sized rings that have been worn by people who are capable of making things happen at will. These rings are called rings of power.

What does it mean when someone is in pain?

Pain does not mean anything negative about a person. However, a person that is in pain tends to be much more focused on the pain rather than other issues, because they are in