How does levitation magic trick work?

Levitation magic requires some sort of magic material. The magic material must be an ethereal material, as magic material cannot be created or destroyed, though it can disappear (if its form is changed by another magic). Once the necessary magic material is prepared, the user can cast levitate at will.

The user simply assumes the form of any object, and can levitate the object for a brief duration of time. The user does not need to exert his physical muscle (for example, if the user has wings), nor does he have to keep his balance (for example, he cannot use it as a weapon or shield against attack). While levitating the user cannot actually touch any of the surface of the object. For example, the user does not need to hold onto the object with his hand, nor does he have to push the object in any specific way. The user merely assumes the form of the object and can move it around (if the user can move the object, he can also make it rotate).

The duration of the levitation is as long as the user is flying. For example, flying for a time of 24 hours may be enough to lift a standard-sized ball of the specified material up to 8 feet. In some cases the user does not need to expend oxygen and can move while levitating the object.

While levitating the user may turn on the device and continue the spell, as long as it does not consume any other magic. If the spell ends while the user was carrying the orb and was knocked to the ground, he is thrown down and can not use the orb again. Once airborne, the user may immediately end the spell, but must make a concentration check with a DC of 13. After the spell ends if the user spends any time on the ground during the duration of the spell (as the spell doesn’t end automatically if the user is hit on the ground), he is unable to carry the orb anywhere.

If the owner is knocked unconscious while being levitated and does not regain consciousness the user is unable to use the orb on the ground after being knocked out while levitating. There is no saving throw and the spell ends.

If the levitation effect causes the owner to drop the orb while it is hovering, the owner is unable to regain consciousness until he gets them back on the ground or until the end of the duration of the levitating effect.

This spell allows for a user to use his skill with levitate (such as a b