How does David Blaine do his magic? – Magic Tricks Cards

To get a better feeling of how his magic works, I spoke to David Blaine, co-owner of Extreme Strength Gym.

How do you train to do the tricks?

David: We have an eight week training program. I’ve always trained to get better so I think I did my best by just staying consistent in each week. Once I get into a rhythm of training I feel really good.

How are you in love with David Blaine?

DA: I think he’s the biggest inspiration for me. I used to use to train with Arnold Schwarzenegger…who knew Schwarzenegger was such a strong lifter? He used a lot of powerlifting and he knew what to do with his power lifts but he’s had a crazy life so he had his own philosophy on how to train. So, that’s how we meet.

David is the coolest dude ever to meet. I’m just so thrilled to be the one who is his training partner.

I started out as a professional bodybuilder. I was so big and strong and knew I was going to make it big one day…and then I fell in love with him because my friends were into weight training and David’s was the perfect place to go to learn. I actually tried his class and I think I was about seven pounds overweight but I lost almost 50 lbs doing this class and it helped me understand how much weight you could lose without losing any muscle definition and just being unhealthy.

I’ve gotten great reviews on my workout. People that come in for a full body workout will be really amazed at what can be achieved. After that guys want to leave happy.
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I’ve done all my own workouts. I try my hardest to be on time. Most of my training is done by myself. Usually four other people or family members will accompany me and we do some sets of eight in the morning to take them up to an eight-week program.

I do most of my body weight exercises while I’m driving on the freeway doing a mile per hour that I have to keep up by doing two minute sprints so I don’t get tired. And then I will do six minutes of light cardio or cycling or something where I’m not doing as much cardio. Then I will go home and do six to eight more sets of eight exercises. You can actually cut up into 16 or so different exercises in that format to get more bodyweight exercises for your body. It’s my favorite. I never leave the gym

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