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You see the magic right away. The more magic you use the more magic you gain. There is a limit to how much magic you can use per round.

Spells and special moves are different things, so when you do magic, the type of magic it is depends on what the spell will do. The most common types of magic are fire, air, earth and water. Your magic always needs to be in a particular category.

The types of spells and special moves in Dragon Age are: Fire, Earth, Nature (earth magic), Air, Water, Light. Each has certain effects that are related to specific category of magic.

There is a number on the left to the spells. The number is the power of that spell. For example, the spell Fire can be used with a power of 20. If a mage uses Fire with a power of 70, they increase in power to 100. It has a limit to how high the maximum power can go so the number is there to help you get the maximum power you can use.

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There is a forum to ask your questions to the programmers directly so be sure to check back. There are also a few threads in the developer forums discussing some of the technical aspects of the game while players can discuss the game in General Discussion. Just the last couple of months, I posted a video explaining the basics of the game. As always, go check those threads.

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It’s been a long time since Dragon Age 1 hit the stores but the game was a huge hit and the developer still has a ton to prove. They have been releasing new content and updates to keep us all interested. Now they have to get the game out to you! This means all of the developer’s hard work and the work of the various members here on the forums.

This will make it a lot easier for people to take a look at some of the features of the game and learn more about the background to them.

From the outside, many parts of the country are awash in the colour red and the country that has red skies is, surprisingly, one of the greenest parts of the world.

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