How does a mentalist do it? – Bullying Magic Tricks For Kids Step By Step Video For Multiplication


Well, they just put the mentalist into a sort of trance and then they have their mind take over and just think and think until they are totally exhausted when you ask them to shut the mind off for a bit after they’ve passed out. 
Okay, so that’s a pretty strange way to learn a martial arts form but it seems that the mentalist’s mastery of the art may be much more than that.  After all, the martial arts we see in the movies aren’t just for TV, movies are in fact our art form, are they not?
I guess so. There was my answer at the top of this blog and now I need to get back to using that answer to make my own movies and I haven’t found a way to do that yet. 
I did, however, get a ton of help from this article written by Chris Voss.  He mentioned something that I’d forgotten, “You want the guy that has his mind taking over to be the guy who knows the technique”.  And that’s actually a great thing, I love that idea, because the guy that is always saying “what the hell is this?” to the movies and the TV is going to take over.  He’s usually going to be the one that knows the whole secret.  Then you can have that guy, the one who has that mind taking over and just have him doing whatever the hell he wants in the movie because he’s going to be more than just an actor, he’s going to be a martial artist.  You don’t need to have the martial artist in the movie.  You’re allowed to have the martial artist in it.  And don’t worry, if he’s not in it, it just doesn’t count because he’s not a martial artist, he just wants for the movie to end.
But, there are a few things I’d like to point out here:
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The first thing I realized was that not all of us have access to those techniques.  And what’s a martial artist?  You know, I don’t want to use that term, but if you think about it to yourself in the same way as I do, “meth” is what you make and everything else is made of that.  You can make anything you want out of anything, you can make anything.  We’re not saying that we have an advantage over a meth user.  We’re simply saying that we do have an advantage over those people that don’t understand

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