How do you read minds? – Magic Tricks With Coins

It is an old and very popular theory and one which has been around for quite a few years now. And I have been trying hard to find out why and what it is all about!

So, before I continue the story, I have to tell you all a little story about my previous posts. Now, my friend, before I tell you the story, I will tell all of you one thing before we get started with the story. That story is the one that I was doing when I discovered this so called ‘science’ of reading minds.

In the first post that I did, I mentioned something we all have experience with… It was when we read books and newspapers. You see, when we did read those books, we were simply mind reading each other.

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To put it bluntly, it was very easy to read what other people said or did and then change ourselves into the same voice which we heard, so that they didn’t ever think that anything bad was going to happen to them!

But as everyone who has tried it knows, that technique isn’t always very effective. Sometimes, you just can’t do it and it makes no sense to bother changing yourself in a way that is going to make no sense and will simply be annoying. It’s one of those things that is often harder than you might think in real life.

So what about our minds?

One way to read the minds, that I have read, is through something called the “Euclidean Principle”. This seems too complicated to be explained in a few post but basically it’s what I would argue is the oldest and most obvious piece of knowledge we have out there.

As you will hear, there is a lot of interesting evidence about this principle in science and psychology today. But one thing will be quite clear: It is a simple idea, with absolutely no evidence that suggests that it is true.

But why would it be true?

So let’s begin with what this principle says really. It is a law which simply states that it doesn’t matter how you measure something, a little bit of it doesn’t matter a crap, a lot of it can matter more or less depending on how you measure it.

There are lots of ways that we can measure things, but the one that is the most common is by ‘experience’. You experience the universe, what’s around you, what you put in your mouth, what you get in the mail, what you are doing

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