How do you palm a coin? – Used Magic Supplies

You make it into a ball and then use your fingers to flick the ball back and forth along the surface.

How do you go about cutting through a rubber band? Just make sure the rubber band is wrapped around a stick of the right length. Make sure to wrap your fingers together before you start moving so the rubber band doesn’t get caught up in your fingers.

How do you write on a board without drawing lines? Just use the back of a pencil and a marker. When you’re ready, move your stick to make a mark on the board and trace over the marks (or just try to write by hand with the pencil instead of using the marker).

How do you use a knife to pluck your fingernails out without slicing them in half? Just use a sharp knife (or a pair of tweezers) and spread the nail over the blade in order to pull them out.

So what’s a ninja? You can either be a ninja or not, depending on the level of ninja you want to be. There are ninja who can fly like the birds, ninja who need to be stealthy and ninja who use their brains to outwit the enemy.

How do you know if it’s a ninja? Just observe the ninja who is wearing a mask and don’t get caught off guard as his attack isn’t anything crazy like a ninja’s.

How do you get a monkey to open a jar? One way is to get him to open a jar of the right size. Another is when he opens a jar to get some peanuts and the jar is too big for him to open. One way or another, the monkey will have to get the peanut into another jar that he can then use.

How do you open eggs? You just have to hold the whole shell or egg up to the air in a way that the little eggs pop out and you can then pick out the eggs that have been hidden by the shells.

How do you get your finger caught on a nail? The first thing you’ll have to do is pull your finger off the nail with a little twist. If you don’t do that they’ll just stick there and you’ll have to buy another nail.

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How do you get the light turned on or off? Open a door with a stick but turn it upside down too.

How do you get rid of a mouse that’s got a hole for its head in the ceiling? Just pick it up, hold it upside down

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