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If you’re a professional and you’re trying to be a pro, you’ve got to make your arm float. That’s why, when you do that handstand, you actually keep the fingers on that arm close to your hand and try to have them hang down the back of your hand at the same time. In the handstand, you’re just using the opposite elbow from your starting elbow. I don’t think you’re actually going to have your shoulder open for as much rotation and the back would be closed as well to try to keep the arm floating.

Doesn’t that make the arm lower?

Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that those two things have to be in alignment. To keep your arm down and close, the shoulders are in front of your hands. You wouldn’t want to be having your shoulders open too much in a handstand, for one thing. You have to have your shoulders closed at the same time that you’re going to keep the arm down and close. But there are other things that you may have to do that the other arm doesn’t. You may have to have your hips closed too. But that’s why I want to emphasize the importance of this handstand, being able to keep your arm down and close with your upper-back closed. If you don’t, then you’re going to be pulling the upper arm up. You can get away with that because you need those muscles that you use to move your arms to be balanced right off the ground. So when you do that handstand, that’s how you keep your arm down and close.

What else is it like when you learn the handstand?

Oh, it’s so fun. I love it. It’s almost like doing yoga because it is just so open and it is so natural. I love it. It is so great.

How long have you trained this way?

I started for two years. At first I had tried to just do it for a couple of months and then then it just seemed like I had to do it year after year. I’m a perfectionist, so I started to just do it. I started doing it like four times a week. Then my mom came with the first handstand book and taught me how to do it.

Where do people come into contact with you?

My phone number is 713-560-2340 . My e-mail is [email protected] .

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