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“Mystery” and “crime” are two words which have a common meaning to the layman, but those who are in the know know that “crime” is something which only those within certain “cliques” take part in. This is something that many believe is happening right now, a problem of “race,” but of course, it is not so. No, not at all.

For the most part, the people who are out here on the streets or in their vehicles do so because of a need, that is, to survive. The reason we are all out here is because in times like these, survival is more important than having things “look” or be “right” or have “a certain look”; that of the white, the male, the straight, the “good-looking.” So, the simple fact is that those who are out here and have these things must fight to make themselves heard.

So, when things go bad for something within the white society, and they do, then so will the things outside of it. When things go bad, so will we, too. What we have learned is this: If we will not fight, if we will not stand up for ourselves and those who need us and the environment which we have to survive in, then we must die.

I have already written about how “the people,” in this case the white race, must die. Well, this is what we do, and we are fighting not alone to survive, but to make them pay. This is the main reason why we are all out here. We are fighting not just to survive, we are fighting to make ourselves heard. What we are trying to do, we want everyone to learn, to see: how things were supposed to be and are and will be again. We believe that the white race is coming to extinction but not because of something that “went wrong” or “didn’t work out.” It is because of things that are right and wrong; wrong not so much with “white people,” not so much with the people who live here that are not white in any specific way, but more with whites themselves.

We, of course, feel that we are not in danger because we are not looking to do harm to others. But many outside of the white race think they are. What they think they see when they look through their “windows” is simply what they see for themselves; what they think others perceive. We know this is not true

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