How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Easy Magic Tricks With Household Items

If you keep an extra pencil in your pocket, place your finger on the tip and lift up until you can’t hold it anymore: Put them down. Then slowly pick them up again — with the tip facing the same direction of movement as the rubber — until you can still feel it, which should only take about 15 seconds.

Here’s the most important word in this trick: It’s not hard. If you practice it, you’ll be able to do this with practically any rubber pencil.

The rubber isn’t really “durable,” but it certainly doesn’t break. And since it’s pretty small, you should be able to draw with it for hundreds of years, if it doesn’t break again.

How long does the pencil last?

It will last for about a century.

So, if you get a new one every ten years, you’ve got all the makings for a lifelong pencil.

The best tool of all?

If you buy an ordinary pencil made out of rubber, it should last about 150 years or so. Anything made out of plastic or rubber, for that matter, should last over 100 years, with the most expensive being about 300 years or so.

Which other tips should you share when you’re a child?

I wish the kids in preschool did all these things, but it’s not quite that simple. The good news is, as you get older, you can probably combine a lot of the tricks into a bit of an “adult” style: Put pen and pencil in bag, and never take off until you really need to. (Or just don’t! If you must.)

When you are an adult, of course, you must take everything with you in your day-to-day life, including a pencil.

What should you do with some of these tricks?

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