How do you do the quarter trick?

That’s an easy one.

1) Make sure you’re fully clothed

When you’re not wearing any pants, underwear or even tights you’re going to be naked.

As you get out of your shirt, it’ll help you create an illusion of “room to move.”

This is the only part of this trick where you need to be really careful. When you’re trying to achieve the quarter trick, you’re going to lose some of your balance and start falling down.

So, what you do is, you take you top off, get out of the garment, slowly lower yourself down to your level of consciousness.

Don’t worry about how high you fall yet. You’ll just lower you down to the ground a little bit, so you still have some balance to have control over the situation.

When you’re down, grab the back of the shirt with both hands and make sure it’s not slipping right off the back of your neck. Also, hold your knees tight.

Then slowly lower yourself up until the first stitch you’ve created is the right size.

2) Create a quarter with your thumb and index finger

One of the benefits of doing this trick on your own is that you can make one quarter in either of your hands, either by drawing it first by using your two thumbs or having someone else draw it and hold it.

I’ll use a quarter trick I call “The Quarter Pinch”. All you really have to do it this way is to use your first two fingers to press into the top of each finger and then keep pressing until you make the quarter. It’s easy to do because you just keep drawing, but you’ll notice that you get more difficulty in making a quarter when you’re drawing with your third and fourth finger.

When you’re drawing with your little fingers, it’s going to feel a little stiff. As you get more confident, you can keep making the quarter and your hand will get really easy.

You may notice that your hand is slightly shorter or longer than when you’re drawing on your two fingers, but you’ll be able to make the quarter right on the spot.

Don’t worry. You’ll be able to fix it with a few tweaks later on.

3) Make a quarter in both

This is an even trick to perform, because you can really change how the quarter trick is performed.

The trick is to draw a quarter in both