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T-ara, one of the biggest idol groups out of South Korea, received a lot of negative comments online for their recent comeback stage. Fans criticized T-ara for looking like a group that “wants a good image in South Korea” and were unsure where they fit in the public’s perception of South Korea’s idol culture.

However, T-ara recently released an official statement saying that their “fans are not going to be surprised.” While this might seem like a polite attempt to calm the fans, the truth is that it will not appease the public at large, and that it doesn’t mean that fans don’t have the right to speak their mind.

“We know that our fans are very serious when it comes to idol culture because many South Korean idols have been in trouble over the years. This is a reflection on what has been going on in Korea since we graduated high school. We have always believed that our work is important, and we have made it a point to be realistic. However, since we graduated high school, the image that idol culture and the South Korean entertainment industry have in the public eyes has changed,” the statement read. “We know that our fans are in a position that it is no longer possible to avoid looking at idols when it is needed, so we would like to take the chance to show all the hard work and effort we put into keeping up with public trends and keep our fans satisfied,” the statement continued.

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The statement was released on the same day the group held their official live concert in Korea. The statement also expressed the group’s frustration at how public opinion of idols has changed since T-ara’s graduation and how they feel they are losing fans due to the growing public’s view of idols as “g

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