How do you do the quarter trick?

First: Have a seat right at the rail and take it all in.

Second: Take a hold the back of one leg with your foot and push back the rail as you stand on it.

Third: If you have difficulty walking up the rail, keep bending back until you can move your leg up and across and then try again.

Fourth: This trick works well with a variety of railways, but I like to use a long bridge, because it’s a bit easier to get up that way, but the bridge can create some problems, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work.

5) The “T” trick

First: Have a seat on the rail and take it all in.

Second: Take your left foot and step out to the side with that foot, just about as you would step out of a driveway, but using your arm to guide the leg that is standing.

Third: Keep your left foot on the rail as you walk up to the next rail, then slide the right foot out and start the “T” trick.

4) The “J” trick

First: Have a seat down on the rail facing up.

Second: Have your right foot down, but put your arms out (i.e. not straight at the hip) so the elbow is pointing toward your right arm and pointing down as you walk toward the next rail.

Third: Bend your legs and walk up and across the rail.

Second: Take in and then let go of your left arm.

Third: Repeat the “T” trick again.

Now, if all this sounds tough, don’t worry. I’ve found people who’ve done this trick without issue, and I’ve also heard other people who’ve never tried it and thought, “I wish I could do that trick” as they walked up and across the rail. You won’t need to learn a bunch of complex moves to do this trick, but it’s much easier if you do it one at a time. Just do the “T” trick and then do the “J” trick as your first steps go up and down. You will have to repeat the entire trick again when you first come up onto the next rail.

3) The bridge trick

First: Have a seat (usually a bridge, but a few have been known to be carbridges)

Second: Have your left arm resting on