How do you do the disappearing coin trick? – Learn How To Do Simple Magic Tricks

To really master this trick you need to buy a lot of “disappearing coins” and the more you do it, the more you get used to the illusion. You simply press down on the “Disappear Coins” button 5 times to make all the coins disappear, and once you get used to it you can release the buttons one at a time to make them disappear again. The trick works by giving an incorrect number of coins to the buttons. The real trick is to buy all the coins necessary to build a big coin vault, and then use the “disappearing coins” trick to build it. I’ve seen it done with a pile of $2,000 bills.

The trick only works with coins that are a certain color. When you buy a coin, it stays in the inventory of that coin. So if you have 5 coins, and you buy a yellow coin, it will stay yellow, and you can give it a number of coins and it will disappear, which means it will be a different color than before the trick took place. For instance, in my instance you could buy one brown coin and then buy five blue coins and the brown coin will stay brown.

How big is the coin vault anyway? Are you using a “real” vault and the actual vault?

In the video you saw that the “real” vault was a little big, but what you didn’t see was that I have built another vault using only the disappearing coins trick, so now I have a huge vault of vanishing coins. This vault was created just to fool you into thinking the trick is real, or at least worth repeating. The trick is easy and safe to do: when you use the vanishing coins trick, you should pick up all the coins you need to build your vault and give them to the disappearing coins trick (don’t just buy them), then once all of your coins are gone you can simply release the buttons in random order to make the coins disappear again. It’s the safest trick to do, and for the most part it works just fine. When you see that the gold or platinum coins appear again, you might notice that you still need to buy coins, and this is because the vault has grown, and now all of those coins are floating in space, which is what we need them to be after all. But in most spots, this trick won’t work, and I have a solution for that.

See the video for the fix to this issue:


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