How do you do easy magic tricks with coins? – Magic Tricks For Kids Revealed Cards

The short answer is that you can’t.

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In this short video, I explain several simple magic tricks to a few coins from our own collection (in order to show it is possible to mix your own coins). I start with the coin trick that I’m most confident with, and then I try more and more coins, demonstrating how they work together to create the illusion of seeing a picture you might already hold in your hand and then, the coin trick with the light of the coin.

The coin trick shown below is a combination of two other (non-coin) tricks, but I’ll try to explain each separately (so that you’re able to pick and choose which “easy magic trick” you’ll enjoy the most).

What? You want to see more?

Ok, let’s go to more:

A trick you can’t do

For the “easy magic trick”, you can’t see a coin: you must hold it in your left hand, not your right, not your head, your chin. A coin is a tiny little object. It’s much harder to keep it in it’s original place (as you might have heard it called “the right place”) than it is to keep it in front of you.

A really simple example of how it’s possible to confuse and confuse coins

As I mentioned above, a coin can be an “easy magic trick” if you can see it from two different points of view: one you will hold in your left hand, and one in your right hand. You can also think of a coin as an ordinary, small object that’s very small from the right point of view, and which is much less small than from the left.

You are looking for a coin from the same perspective as the one you’ll hold in your left, and from the left again you will see the coin in front of you, and then you’re looking for the coin from the left again, and so on.

If you can do all four (or more!) points of view in succession (for example, with each holding your right side and your left side), you’re in for a fun time.

Here is the video that demonstrates this trick:

Why you can’t do that

The reason why coins don’t appear to be able to disappear, like in the video above, is simple: they must touch one another to do so. This can’t happen if the coins are too far apart (i

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