How do you do easy magic tricks? – Magic Tricks With Cards For Kids Step By Step

(i.e. what tricks would you do without a broomstick or a mirror??) You think about it for a second, and decide what you would do with a broomstick or a mirror..

A trick of magic was done by creating a small hole in a mirror and then throwing your partner (who did not know about the hole) into it…and suddenly a huge fireball would form. This would be a very hard illusion to pull off. (It would be easier if you did something to make the room brighter and more colorful.)

The other trick was “Swinging Doors.” You could open a door by simply swinging it at someone….or a door was turned one way by a gust of wind…or a door was moved one inch by a gust of wind…. or other objects that were in motion were turned 180 degrees around the caster.

If you knew how to do a trick, you could be very good at it!

If you wanted to try to do an illusion in the backyard of your house, you would probably need a mirror and some sticky tape (like the ones you buy in department store, and stick on the mirrors on the fence around your house). A hole with a long stick (like the ones they sell in the hardware store) would make a perfect place to put the stick, a hole that was slightly smaller and shorter than the stick would allow easy access.

You could not have the same effect with a long-handled broomstick or a tall mirror…you simply could not cast anything that would allow a person to fly at an angle and stay on a straight plane.

In all seriousness, you could not do a trick that you could not perform on your own, it would just be ridiculous.

I think you need to think about the way that you might perform a trick. (Like you can’t just jump up and run around). If you jump up and use a long stick to jump, it would do something, but if you do that thing, you might not perform it well, it might even hurt you if you did this stunt repeatedly and to a high degree of fitness. You would have great difficulty trying another trick if you jump up and run around and you have difficulty doing the trick well.

Your best bet (if there is a better one in your mind) is to try to think about the way that you would actually perform it.

Try doing an illusion in your mind (like the “Swinging Doors”

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