How do you bend a penny? – 10 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids With Cards

To the center knuckle. Here’s the back of my fist.

To the finger in the middle knuckle, with your thumb and index finger together. You’re using your thumbs and index fingers to hold the coin so that the coins will stick to your fist.

To the front knuckle with your middle finger in contact with the coin and your index finger out in to the outside.

There you go with the coins now in your fist. It’s not too important to get it right in, just use your thumbs and hands to keep it in. Take your time and take in a breath while you do it. Don’t try to do one hand at a time though, you can try a couple of them, but I’ll wait until the tip of each one is getting close to being nice and loose and then I’ll start adding one hand at a time.

When all the hands are bent together, and the tip of the top knuckle is in the middle knuckle, and the other knuckle is out to the outside, your grip is complete. : Buy 1pc Free Shipping COINS disappear ...
One hand holding the coin

The thumb goes in the middle knuckle, with the thumb out, and the index finger goes to the front knuckle.

The middle knuckle’s tip is in towards you, and the other knuckle is out in to the outside.

The index finger is holding the coin to its point

It really doesn’t matter what size coins you use for this exercise. Whatever size is comfortable. There’s no need to be too tight or too loose. I’ll always say that anything that’s loose or too tight, you have to do this move properly. You don’t do it wrong, you just need to be able to do it.

This is a big one for me because sometimes I don’t have coins to do it with and this’s the time to put my trust in my own abilities. If you get out of the way of the knuckle and bend the tips, then you can get it done, but if you don’t bend it properly, then you definitely need to try and be a little bit bigger.

What’s nice about this is if you make some mistakes, it’s not really hard to fix it. You can always pull it back out and try again. If you just do a little bit too big, then no matter what size the coins are, they will never stick.

One hand holding the coin

The thumb

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