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Mentalists work through a structured methodology. In this framework, an initial understanding and awareness of the cognitive state of another person is combined with a set of behaviors that are employed to manipulate the mental state of that individual. While mentalists are generally less intuitive than physicalists, the techniques used by physicalists, such as hypnosis, are often utilized to develop a deep intuitive sense of mental states.

Is mentalism based in reality?

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Unlike physicalism, which is largely based on what some authors have called a “dynamic theory of mind,” mentalism is based on the concept of universal awareness (or the “universal frame of reference”). This refers to the fact that any mental process whatsoever is accessible through awareness based on one’s universal frame of reference. This framework also makes mentalism somewhat self-referential, as it refers to the mental field as “the entire field.” This makes mentalism somewhat analogous to the scientific concept of physics or the scientific concept of relativity.

What do physicalists do?

Physicalists are scientists working with physical phenomena, either in their professional lives or in their personal lives. Physicalist scientists are divided into two main groups: physicalist theoretical physicists and physicalist applied physicists.

Who are the most popular mentalists?

Psychologists. Psychologists generally consider mentalists to be those with a cognitive style similar to their own, while researchers in other fields of psychology such as pharmacology or physiology consider their ability to generate and manipulate subconscious mental states, such as fear and anger, more empirical and less theoretical.

Do you have a mentalist?

If you know a mentalist, please share with us your story.

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