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Well, they turn things upside down just enough to give the audience what they wanted, but not too much, like in The Little Mermaid where the fish turns into a lion while the mermaid turns into a rabbit. Other tricks we have seen are this:

Terrace, an Australian tourist, in the UK was fooled in the summer of 2013 by a girl who pretended to be an actor. As he started to walk across the terrace he saw a giant sea creature, who began to mimic her voice. The sea creature disappeared when the man turned around. (The Daily Mirror)

A man fooled a Chinese tourist at a beach on the island of Hainan in 2012, and then got angry when he saw one of his friends walking away from the beach (Guardian)

In 2004 a group of university students were tricked by a man who pretended to be the head of the English national football team. He gave the impression on video feeds, that he had been to the stadium to watch England play. Once at the stadium he led a group of people on a wild pursuit of one of the students, and in the end took her as his own. When asked about the stunt, the man, named as Adam Wright, a 20-year-old student from Northampton, said: “I’m just like a little kid having a good time”. (Daily Mail)

A man in 2011 tricked a German tourist at a swimming pool. The man, who went by the name Adam B, took an old German pool towel and turned it into a swimming bag with a hole in the centre with the instructions to place it in the water.

A man in Australia tricked a Thai tourist to turn into a pig by using a video camera while a Thai man was on a tour in India. He started to follow the tourist and then turned into a pig while the tourist continued walking towards the camera and it went off the screen. When the tourist asked where he had found the camera, Adam B claimed he was the one who had found it. (

A visitor in Thailand got the idea to transform himself by placing a hand in his mouth to mimic a dog’s gagging sound, but ended up making him look bigger than he was. (Daily Mail)

This guy has been pretending to be the Queen to get to her castle. He turned himself into a princess at her palace in Scotland, but when he met her in the street it turned back on him. He was

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