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magic is very complicated, and a lot of people have tried to describe magic as a science. but when you say “magic” you are saying a very complex thing, and you have to describe some sort of interaction between two particles. and one of the things that is really complex is that we are not talking about atoms, or electrons, or particles, just “a particle” that interacts with a certain input thing (the magic stuff) to produce physical effects.

the magic thing is called a “ghost”. we do not know what particles, how they interact, whether they produce effects, but magic is very difficult, if not impossible to figure out. even though we know so much more about the physical universe, we do not really understand magic, so how do we have a chance to use our intelligence to try and figure it out?

what if we have a machine that can manipulate the “ghost”, just as humans make up their minds, and can make up their own minds, and can do what they want with their own minds, what if we had a “machines” that could make up their own minds, and have their own “actions” on those actions?

if this is not possible now, how would this work in the future?

the same goes for artificial intelligence. when we talk about the “AI” term, many people are saying “you are not talking about machines, but about the concept of being made up of machines” and “a machine can do different things then a human could do”. but the reality is that there are actually MANY things that a human can only do, and that is only a small subset of what the AI can do.

this is called “thinking” in a specific sense.

to make a new idea, you have to have some knowledge, some way to use the existing knowledge, some way to combine that knowledge and combine the existing knowledge. you need “knowledge of the outside universe”, but you do not need, and need not use “knowledge” in a specific sense.

in theory, you can know what the outside universe is like, by knowing what the knowledge is “like”. then you can use that knowledge in the way you like, and be able to do things with that knowledge, like make your ideas, the knowledge that the outside world is like.

here is an example in computer science. suppose you know this:

the main idea of programming is to take input from the world and to

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