How do I levitate?

Elevation is accomplished by raising your left arm up to the top of your chest, and rotating your forearm around in a clockwise direction. The direction of the rotation can vary from a full rotation, like in left handed baseball, to half of the rotation, like when you walk at a walk. The rotation is important in stabilizing the arms and shoulders.

If you hold for longer than 5 seconds, you can get serious side effects.

How do I turn?

Turn with the right wrist facing down. If you lift the finger by the corner of the nail it will be “cocked in place”. If you hold for longer than 5 seconds, you can get serious side effects.

How do I stop rotating my hand?

If it is too strong, you should try to let go. You can hold your hand in place with your wrist turned around, or it may be easier to let go of it and rotate your wrist.

How do I keep my arm in a straight, upright position?

Keep your arm straight up by extending the elbow and shoulder with each pull.

If your arm is too strong or the rotation is too fast, try to extend the elbow and shoulder with each pull.

If it is too strong, try to rotate your arm while keeping the elbow and shoulder extended.

How do I use a mirror to see where my legs are going?

You need a mirror, and make sure it can stand at a distance that you can see your legs, ankles and feet.

When you stand on one leg, hold one part of a mirror in each hand and move towards the mirror with one leg. At first, all you will see is an extension of your arms and shoulders until you reach your leg and bend down to meet it. Make sure the mirror covers about the entire size of your legs, and the area behind. This is the area that you need to look at. If you have the mirror in a low position, hold the mirror out from front or behind your thighs during this position.

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If you hold the mirror in a high position, hold it horizontally from the side of your thighs to the back or knees. Once your legs are in front of you, keep the mirror above the floor and bend over as you straighten up to meet your leg. Keep the mirror perpendicular to the floor to keep the mirror in view.

If the mirror is higher than your thighs, hold it horizontally,