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I can’t tell but he must have been very fast. So, I think the best case is to believe the kids were outsmarting Blaine to make it so he doesn’t remember anything from what they said. As the children left I went upstairs. When you go upstairs, remember where you are. In the house. And the window. Now how could I not know what they were after in the house? I’ve seen this before. It’s a little like the boy in the movie. A man was about to kill his wife and daughter with a knife. Instead of fighting the man, he went to the house and cut their throats.

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I think, the key to this is the way the children have interacted with each other. They may not have been the easiest people to get along with, but they managed to bond and connect in a way that allowed me to believe them to be the killers and not Blaine.

A lot of the evidence points to Blaine as the killer, but I do believe this might be my favorite murder: when the children were lying dead. They were lying on their back with three knives in their heads.

In order, here are the things we think we know so far:

1) It happened sometime in September or October.

2) It took place very quickly. I found it odd that the kids were so young and they did not have time to get dressed.

3) The children were lying motionless in the fetal position when they were shot. I did not find this odd at all. I thought that a baby, who was in a crib and was being held by someone else, would probably be a bit stiff.

4) One of the kids was shot only 1.5-2″ from his upper left eye when he was about 10-12. He was shot multiple times. Another girl was shot twice.

5) One of the children was strangled after being shot to death. The other 3 were shot multiple times.

6) The children were all under the age of 10. The youngest child was 7.

7) One girl was shot as she ran down a street, as she was seen by the woman who was trying to kill the man who had killed her brother. She was strangled. The other three killed their mother after they learned she was pregnant.

8) Three of the kids were dressed only in pajama bottoms. No underwear. I find it strange

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