Can you sharpen bendy pencils? – Easy Magic Tricks With Household Items

No. Will you stop using them for straightening a pencil line just because the paper gets stiff from bending? Not unless you are completely insane. In order to improve the paper surface, you have to use a stiffener, such as rubber or glue (sometimes called ‘hardening compound’). This hardener can be placed on the paper when it is laid out for the day. Once its been in place it will allow for the smoothness and elasticity of the paper. This has the side effect of making the pencils bend slightly more than is recommended by most pencil sharpener manuals. The trick is to find the tension. Once set the pencil head on the paper and adjust its tension accordingly, the pencil will behave better.

So there you have it! Just remember, if you’re in the market for straightening your fine writing paper, you will want to read this first. If you’re not yet ready to learn how to sharpen and use them, you can still use your old pencils to make a very nice smooth paper with. I can guarantee you, if you don’t have a sharpener and don’t use it for a while you will never get the same consistency as your new paper!

Dennis Rodman’s “basketball diplomacy” with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is coming full circle, according to an ex-NBAer and current analyst on the topic.

Rodman, now an assistant coach with the Charlotte Hornets, visited Pyongyang ahead of their Feb. 11 NBA championship game against the Miami Heat. The trip was Rodman’s first trip to North Korea in his career.

“I felt like a little kid with my mom while I was there,” Rodman said. “I couldn’t believe the state they [North Koreans] were in. I felt like I was a kid playing against my dad and I was going at him for 15 minutes. But they were really proud of their sports program. That was kind of the reason I got into it. I got to go to the Games, see it in person. You can be proud.”

Rodman has been on a charm offensive for his latest trip with Kim. Back in 2012, he was spotted in a North Korean-controlled park waving an American flag and laughing in his presence. Rodman said the experience was humbling as someone who was raised in a world of constant propaganda.

At this April’s games, a group of young North Koreans was in attendance to watch their country play its NBA champion. A spokesperson for

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