Can you levitate a person with magnets?

Yes. I believe I got the highest reading possible on the first try.
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If you could levitate two people on one magnet, who would you choose?

I think I’d choose an old girlfriend with whom I used to share a bed back in high school because she’s extremely supportive of anyone who wants to try the levitation. It’s really easy and works very well once we get the hang of it. I think as a group we’re going to become the second generation of levitators because we’re all so supportive of each other.

Does this happen to the magnet first then the person goes?

I believe so. In fact, I’d say this would actually be more helpful if I just levitated a second person to levitate the first person. I’ve been in a similar situation where a couple of people levitated me. The one time, I was really lucky. The second person seemed kind of frustrated that the first magnet was levitating them too, so it was my turn to levitate a magnet, and I just got lucky. That was the first time I was levitating someone (well, not the first) and I did it by grabbing their wrist, rubbing it against their skin so that the magnet levitated me from my bed.

How hard is it not to freak out if they just levitate you, or do you just let it go until they’re gone?

No, actually not at all. I think it’s important to be in control of them. I have been at times frustrated, for example when a person doesn’t do everything as directed and I realize that they didn’t follow all the directions and now I’m levitating them or I really dislike them and it feels so weird to be levitating someone. However, I always remember what was said at the beginning and I would always say: “It’s just a magnet, I don’t need them to levitate us. Don’t worry. They’ll leave if it’s still working. I don’t need you to levitate us.” If I wanted to be a very strict parent I wouldn’t let anyone do that. But I think that’s the main rule when the situation is really frustrating.

Do you have any other advice for people wondering how to levitate?

Just start and don’t stop. The more you do, the better and the better you’ll get. It gets better every day.

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