Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Zach King Magic Water Tricks Revealed

No. If your magnet’s magnetizing force is greater than the person’s surface area, then you won’t get close enough for levitation.

How much power is enough? There’s no standard for power output by magnets. Most manufacturers of magnets use figures showing the output power. It’s important to keep in mind these numbers are for the power on a tabletop magnet; the magnetic field produced by your hands and hands alone will be an order of magnitude higher. So while a small magnet like a screwdriver on a pencil can produce thousands of volts, this same screwdriver can only produce a measly hundred percent of one volt for your body. It’s a matter of preference whether you want a stronger magnet or a weaker one.

Should you try to levitate yourself by magnetizing your hands? Most of us do not have the strength to do this. One of the first times you see a Levitation class at your park, it will be taught by someone who has some experience in doing it. You might also want to do it as an exercise to get a better understanding of the subject for next time. For reference, a regular screwdriver can create a few hundred volts, and your hands can be held above this magnet in a standard magnetic field at a height of approximately 10 feet.

How does magnetic levitation work? In order to levitate yourself, you draw on magnetized material that can be stored in a pack. At the top of the pack, put an object, like a golf ball or a rubber band. As you do this, the ball will start to “floate” around in the pack, and you are levitating the object. The more magnetic the material, the more strength you exert. You’ll see it work when levitating with a ball (in a small box) levitated above the magnetic field at a height of around ten feet. If you do this, you might notice there isn’t much of a difference between a normal golf ball, that is, a ball you can store in a standard magnetic field, and the Levitation golf ball.

How hard is the magnetic charge of a golf ball? It depends. A golf ball will not cause any significant resistance. In fact, in test experiments it did not take much force to levitate it. However, it is important to keep in mind that this isn’t a scientific experiment. It’s only testable under the specific conditions to levitate a ball. Most golf balls are slightly less resistant than water, and water seems

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