Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Smarter Living Podcast

The first step is determining if we are levitating. It can be done with just a small magnetic field, similar to a magnet, but you are doing a whole body simulation at once.

Can you levitate any material with magnets? (like a box)

It depends! The two most common types of material are:

The two types of material with magnets are: A box with magnets, or A cardboard box. Boxes are very expensive and do not work well for levitation on their own. The type of box you use depends on what kind of material you are levitating. (Boxes and steel beams can levitate, but they are not ideal for large-scale installations like the one for the Sesame Workshop.)

If you see a lot of people jumping off the Sesame Street Tower, imagine people jumping off the Sesame Workshop Tower. The tower is about 40 feet tall–not very tall, by any standards–but when you put people on it, they start levitating up. You might have to make a lot more than one tower to keep people from jumping. Also, people tend to fall off when they’re jumping and the taller the tower, the more likely it will happen. So, make sure the tower is really tall.

When I looked at the building with gravity, it looked like some sort of giant pendulum

Did you build it upside down, or upside-down, and why?

No. The buildings for each season of Sesame Street were built upside-down. The designers of the building decided that we should all be facing a flat roof when we got to the top, so they were designing it so the bottom is upside down. Then they came up with a building that would stay up in a hurricane. One of the developers, Gary Gubler, suggested it would be much more practical for someone to be standing on a pendulum than on something flat.
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Why is the Sesame Street Tower taller than the one atop Mount Everest?

Because Mount Everest is an island, and the mountains on Mount Everest don’t stand up. But the Sesame Street Tower does stand up–it’s not like any other building! (Although Mount Everest rises at 1,843 feet, just slightly lower than the Sesame Street Tower’s 1,500 feet high!)

The Sesame Street Tower could probably support a large population if you were to build it in a different orientation. In this case, you wouldn’t

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