Are Illusions Magic?


A woman who is very naive and vulnerable.

Fairy Tales (2011)

A group of children who are also orphans are taken in by a woman when she finds she can be very cruel to them.

The Frighteners (2011)

Four young siblings live in a house they can see into but can’t get to. A sinister creature, who is said to reside in the house and has the power to steal children away. (No.)

The Grandmaster (2011)

Four people meet in the woods in order to create a grand masterpiece. (No.)

The Grey (2011)

The people in this film are all living in different towns where none of them know one another. A mysterious and disturbing man, with the power to manipulate people, is believed to have murdered three men whom he accused of killing a man in a barroom brawl.

16 Magic Tricks That You Can Do - YouTube
The Grudge (2011)

Four sisters in the late 1960’s live in a small Indiana town. One is the daughter of a woman who has a long standing grudge.

The Guest House (2011)

Four orphans in a small Florida country place get invited to some kind of party.

High School Musical (2011)

Five people fall into a pit, and decide to help, by taking a side by side ticket.

The Hidden (2011)

Four people in a small Michigan town work at a diner and get a lot of strange incidents happening at the restaurant.

The Hired Gun (2011)

An average woman comes upon a chance to be a crime victim. She is hired as a doggie walker and goes on a murder spree that changes the lives of three people on the face of the earth.

The Host (2011)

A group that is not supposed to be there is forced to be here to participate in an auction in some way.

The Hot Rock (2011)

A couple are living and working in a very isolated area of the American Midwest with no other choice on being a family and a couple is dying.

The Interrobang

The Impossible Machine (2009)

A young man who is on a quest to find his brother finds more than he bargained for when he is attacked by a monster, causing a man to become a living monster himself.

Icarus (2009-2012)

Three groups of people begin their journey