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In a rare move, the United States has sent a group of American marines into the country and has placed them in one of the most secure parts of Kabul, Afghanistan.

A small group of American Marines are training a small force for what is expected to become an important battle. It comes amidst increased rhetoric from the US military over the US role in Afghanistan, a dispute with a small Afghan country and a backlash from many Afghan government officials and religious figures over Obama’s refusal to use any ground troops in the ongoing effort against the Taliban.

“The Marines are there on one ground – Afghanistan, a country where they have a close commitment. That is the only thing they can do,” U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren told the US Army radio affiliate, Army FM:

“It’s a relatively short-term commitment, but in this particular theater of operations, that’s what you need to do, so the Marines are there, they’re ready.”

USMC spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Black told the Washington Post that there is a special “special forces” group inside Afghanistan, but the marines in the area will be operating independently of the special forces group outside the country.

“What it’s more about is their presence, to keep them close to the Afghan government for a very long period of time,” Black said.

On the day after the shooting of two policemen by a Muslim convert in broad daylight, New Delhi police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar claimed that “the incident was the direct result of the recent incident wherein a Hindu Muslim couple was beaten to death in Delhi’s South Central.” But this claim ignores the fact that in that same incident, where the Muslim couple was beaten to death, the police has been quick to charge the accused with blasphemy.

After the shooting of Mohammad Akhlaq and Asif Ali, as many as three police personnel had to be injured. As the two injured in the Akhlaq and Ali incident were rushed to hospital, the then police commissioner, Anil Baijal, declared that he had only arrested two people who are believed to be the assailants. This claim was ridiculed by journalist Pardeep Kaleka who tweeted, “It is an old story that the police don’t bother to arrest criminals if they kill a Muslim or a Hindu.

“I was in my office at 7.30 am on Monday and saw a cop being attacked with bricks. That’s when I realised it. I have only arrested two people, which is hardly enough.

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