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It’s a little difficult to say, as the 4k 60fps camera has been around since the 90s. Even newer cameras are only slightly faster, with the most recent model from Canon not being able to get higher speeds. While it’s true the Nikon D800E is capable of 4k 30 fps, it only has 2 channels, so it will only be able to capture video at a faster 30fps, not 60fps. Still, that’s a lot of difference in speed, so it’s possible that we’re still getting slightly ahead of other cameras in terms of quality and the new 4k camera has just taken it a few stops further.
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We’ll keep looking at what others are capable of, and see if any of the latest models can pull ahead. In the meantime, we’ve compiled our list of the best lenses, which you’re free to use as long as the following conditions are met:

You own the camera

You are licensed to use the lens

You pay the full price when buying it

You want to use the lens in a professional-grade production

Your production has more than one shooting location

You aren’t using an ND filter

To see the full list of our recommended lenses, head on over to our Lens Database, where we’ve got the full list of the top Canon DSLRs with a 4k 60fps camera.

Canon 8-15mm f/4 L IS USM Lens

Price $3200 (around £2500) (was $5000)

Price as reviewed $2135 (around £1500)

Build quality & handling

The 8-15mm f/4 lens is a solid, fast prime lens with excellent build quality. While not as fast as the f/4 lenses in the Canon 1Ds line, the 8-15mm can still take impressive macro shots. In fact, I would even say it’s better than the Canon 1Ds II in terms of image quality.

The lens comes with a sturdy, metal hood that is fairly large and easily attached to the camera, and is very useful when in the field. It also has a nicely integrated and retractable hood, perfect if you’re ever running into a shooting location that might be inconvenient, like a tent.

The lens features a dual-coated sensor (the most common type on modern DSLRs) with excellent image quality. It features a full-frame body that is not the most versatile

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