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I’ll start this section off by listing some of the cameras currently in that 4k 60 fps bracket and if they’re capable of being used with any other frame rate. Currently using: DSLRs: Canon EOS 5Ds, Nikon D4S, Sony A7RII, Nikon D750, Nikon D4s III, Sony A7SII, Sony A7Riii and Leica M9. Super 35: Nikon D5, Nikon D3000, Nikon D70, Canon T3i, Nikon D3x, Canon 5Ds and Canon 5DS/T3i. Compact (like the Nikon/Canon): Nikon D5300, Nikon D5500 and Sony A3000. Other: Canon EOS-1 and C300. I’ll include a Nikon or Canon equivalent, or a couple of high-end interchangeable lens cameras in the final list, but for the sake of consistency I’ll keep it simple. If you think something missing is something you think will be good for a comparison, please comment and share. * I’ll be covering a lot of new technology, so it’s better to include something from the very newest sensor technology so there isn’t any confusion. Also I should mention that I was comparing a lot of different film formats, so not all cameras will be able to shoot 4k 60 fps. I’m not including them in the 4k 60 fps bracket, but they will be usable for comparison purposes.

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