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On average, Youtubers use up to 100 different applications during a typical full stream. They may use their computer screens, lights, or even their phones for things like voice chats or videos.

The most common apps that Youtubers use are:

Google Play: This is where more than 70% of Youtubers’ users access their content.

Yahoo!: If you have your phone handy, you might use the Yahoo! social network for your video sharing needs.

Facebook: As one of the web’s leading sites for images and videos, you can easily share your content here.

Instagram: A popular social networking site, Instagram is the #1 place for photos and videos.

Instagram is your “Facebook”.

Your phone or tablet is likely the source of the majority of your other video streaming applications.

But what about your phone’s speakers?

You might be thinking: “It’s obvious that I need my phone to perform those simple tasks that make up my Youtubing experience. But it can’t be so simple, right?

Well, it turns out it can be. And it’s no secret. Google has developed hardware that can integrate both your phone’s microphone and speakers in real time – and it’s all about sharing!

Google Cast and Smartphones

To integrate the speakers, Google Cast needs to have two channels: an active one and a passive one. The active channel will send out sound at the volume you choose. The passive side can be used for simple playback.

Google Cast can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth and works with almost every smartphone out there today. It will also work with many of the older smartphones like the Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 3GS.

Since Cast is a proprietary technology, you don’t have any options. You just have to buy the Google Chromecast.

Chromecast (older models)

Google purchased a number of companies that build custom hardware for the Chromecast. These companies include: Amazon (Amazon FireTV), Apple and Samsung.

When we say Chromecast, we mean:

An adapter that plugs your Android or iOS device into the device’s HDMI or USB port.

That is, Chromecast requires a USB cable.

The device must be within range of the Chromecast to power it up.

The receiver uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well to pair.

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