What lighting is best for YouTube videos?

Check out these tips that have helped my personal channel over the years—and you too can get started at Homebrewing Youtube Channels.

1. Use a good black light

Black light is the light most people are familiar with—it’s your best bet if you wanna make videos in dark places or indoors. A good choice is a 12-volt black bulb at 1000-2000 lumens.

2. Use a neutral-density filter that provides a neutral-tone light

It’s the same principle as adding a neutral-to-color filter in a digital camera. It neutralizes the natural hues of the light spectrum and provides a white balance that’s more neutral.

3. Use something else that looks cool and makes you look cool

As for YouTube channels, use something that makes people want to want to watch you and not something that makes them look like you’re doing dumb stuff in front of a camera.

4. Use a good, low-cost tripod

YouTube cameras have a tendency to break or fail, so you should always wear a great tripod—especially if you want to use video in a pinch, or are planning to do a lot more editing than just setting the camera up and doing your thing.

5. Put out a background of real life people…who seem to really like you.

It might not seem like it, but you can really use the fact that someone is in the background to make people look interested.

6. … but only when that person is in the foreground.

That’s what Instagram can do…
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7. … but Instagram is a more low-budget video site for your channel.

That’s part of the reason why I don’t post every day. I like to think of my videos as quick-and-dirty “instagram” videos, not the full-art-for-art’s-sake videos of famous famous people.

8. Make it fun.

There are a lot of good reasons why you should put your video on YouTube, and a lot of reasons why YouTube channels should post their videos on YouTube.

But if you want to be able to make that link above, you should make it fun—I mean it. Be yourself—if you’ve seen me—then you know that it’s important to have fun to make your videos, but it’s even more important to feel like a cool video guy when you’re posting. Make