What is the cheapest 4k camera? – How To Shoot Videos

I got to say the cheapest camera is the A7s. I really like the lens, but the A7s will do the job. Of course the A7s is probably the best choice for the beginner (like me), but the more you use it the more it will seem like the A7s is the cheap version.

Is there a camera that has been discontinued or changed it’s shape?

There are a lot things like that. Canon made the EOS 7D. It used to be a 7D1 sensor for some reason (I don’t know). They went back to the 7D1 sensor in the EOS 5D2 and 5D3.

Canon made several new cameras in different shapes and sizes (some even had a different viewfinder!). A3, A5, R series, RII, etc.

Canon had some great cameras in it’s day. When did you start to buy newer Canon cameras?

I started back in 2001.

Canon released the D2H, EOS 5D, T3i, T2i, ST2, and EOS 1D. Some even made cameras in multiple sizes!

D1 has so many good cameras that it could be confusing to keep track. I think you could just have one list with all of them and it’ll make more sense.

Any photos that I can post!

I love sharing photos of my family. My daughter, my wife, and my son-in-law are photos!

I love sharing my trips with my family and friends. These photos will always be special to us.

All the photos are in RAW, so you can do whatever you want with photos!

All of these photos, are just photos that I took during my travels and memories.

Any comments about the photos?

All the photos are in RAW which means you can do whatever you want with them.

I also have a few photos in low quality because I wanted more than 1000 photos.

This blog is dedicated to the people who were part of my career!

Thank you everyone from the very beginning. I had fun working with you and I hope you have fun visiting!


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