What is a selfie ring light? – How To Shoot A Tutorial Video

As a flashlight for your smartphone, selfie ring light is the ideal choice for photographers who also happen to be iPhone users. The light can easily be adjusted to work on the lowest setting or on either side of the ring, with the ability to easily switch back and forth.

The light has several features to help you capture photos in a variety of lighting conditions. The ring itself has a USB connection that allows the light to be charged via a regular USB cable. A red LED light from the LED light strip on the side is included so you can see where and what the light is pointing at.

If your smartphone battery is low or running low, the selfie ring light can be used to recharge it with 3 different LED power banks, as well as the USB charger provided.

The included battery charge light is great for keeping your phone charged up and your selfies safe. The built-in USB port provides extra charging and makes it easy to transfer pictures from your smartphone to the light. The selfie ring light features two USB 2 ports which are compatible with USB-to-Ethernet adapters. The light also includes a built-in microphone so you can talk to your friends using it.

The selfie ring light is great for both outdoor and indoor photography. The light is great for taking pictures near a table to make the most of it, or taking pictures in a dark room to avoid the chance of being blinded by the light.

How long does the selfie ring light last?

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The selfie ring light gives maximum light output for the length of your photo session. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor situations. The light is built-in and will not leak or spill while recording video.

The phone is not expected to run on batteries when using this flashlight, and as such it is very easy to use and will last quite a while.

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