What is a 4k video camera? – How To Shoot Videos

A 4k camera takes in more than a million pixels, that’s why they’re called 4K. There is a standard definition video codec, DVB-T or SDH, and a higher quality High Definition video codec such as H.264 (AVC-4).

The 4k video camera will record uncompressed video, which is then compressed. This compression allows the video to be viewed in a 4k resolution.

Why do I need a 4k film camera or video camera?

There aren’t any rules about what 4k film camera you need as a camera.

However, if you need to:

record a TV broadcast or a digital video transmission, your 3D camera should be able to handle the task.

record a sporting event or any other broadcast in your home – 3D is only used in broadcast, cinema or satellite TV.

record a music video or a live concert – A professional sound engineer should supply a sound recording of music, or the sound of a performance.

record a game or sport live from your living room – A high quality camera should be able to handle this. 3D TVs are not yet available in your living room – check with your local TV Shop which model your TV is.

How long will you need to wait for the film to become available?

The film will become available as they are manufactured and the supply chain is running.

We have to be patient to produce the film before we launch.

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