What equipment do I need to shoot a music video? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

Generally you’ll need:

• A decent, professional camera (a digital one with a 24 megapixel size can work, or even a point-and-shoot like my favorite camera)

• Light source (it doesn’t matter whether you shoot in mid-day or night. I have two flash units)

• Lighting (it doesn’t matter whether you shoot on a tripod or a monopod)

• A tripod of some sort – your camera won’t take it and you’ll be more likely to suffer a tumble from falling

• A big screen and some chairs (the more the better, but this is more of a luxury than an absolute necessity)

• A large projection or projection screen, preferably the size of the stage you’ll be shooting at

• A good sound system – there’s a lot you can do to improve your sound. Some of the tips in this article also apply to sound equipment.

• A good mic for the sound that you’ll be using.

• A good sound system (one that you’ll always be connected to)

• A good camera lens for the direction and shooting you’ll be doing.

• If you have a large camera, a tripod or even a monopod – it’s best to mount it on a stand so that you’re not liable to have to stop and take a look at it.
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• A tripod – it will be important to use a tripod for sound recording.

• If you don’t have a small screen – you can use a flat screen behind the projection screen to get around this.

• There’s always a good reason why no one ever shoots by themselves. They’re great at something and you’re not… and so on.

• A little help can’t hurt right?

If you do a lot of music-film shoots, you might not be aware at least of all of these things. It’s important to remember that you can’t have anything “wrong” with your gear and that you should always be ready to help.

Don’t shoot by yourself in fear of screwing it up! A lot of people will think you’re nuts, but you’re in good company. This is a great way to get your friends to help you!

If you do this with more than 1-2 people – remember to help each other out! There are a lot of photographers who love music, but will never do a song, just

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