What cameras do they use in movies?

As someone who was in high school when the first DTV was produced, I was pretty stunned to learn that the only cameras they use to film are in the movie theaters. Why? Because it can take two years to film a DTV, and the DTV can’t be used before 10 PM on a Tuesday. The DTV you see when you go watch the movie is one that wasn’t even shot, it’s just a wire-frame of a frame on the sound stage. And the DTV’s you see at the cinema is like a picture frame out of a movie poster, an illusion of the future.

Why do movies always have people dancing to music?

I’m surprised every now and then, even in this day and age, a movie will feature someone with a band—they’re often the stars of the movie. I’ll be very surprised because I thought I was done with dance and music with my own family; I was about a year and a half old when I started dancing, so my parents just didn’t believe me.

Why don’t people who are in bands have careers as musicians?

Music is a profession. I could have started a band when I was nine years old like the Clash. But I wouldn’t go on to the stage. I was a drummer but I got sick of it and moved on to singing. The guys in my band were also artists, and it was more of a group dynamic, but we didn’t have any kind of career. When I heard some of those bands I thought, “You know, that’s one way to go.” And then I got an idea in my mind to go on to do the stage, so I did it. But my whole life I was taught that musicians shouldn’t do any of this—they should just play in a band like any other thing—the way they would if they had money. But in my opinion, a musician shouldn’t take a gig, they should do their thing and do it well. But I don’t know. I don’t even think about it. I don’t think it makes sense to ask somebody to work in a studio and then go and do it for you. It’s a waste of talent.

People still like music videos. Why is that?

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No one’s paying attention, I hear. So we’re just going to keep producing music. We’re going to keep going on with this thing and then we’ll just be doing what we were doing before