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I was able to see a lot of video content on YouTube and some of that was video from TV shows, movie shows and documentaries. I was able to check out some of the big names like Jorja Smith IMAX as well as the big name stars like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. At one point they had a huge poster of a nude Justin with a “I have a penis” as the background (which has become a popular background for many adult videos). There was also some video content on Facebook and I was able to check out many videos. The videos that showed the big stars of pop culture were in some cases also on Vevo, and those are much more expensive and can cost up to $50! It’s a different experience than people have when they go on an Instagram or Facebook to post that they have something. Most people have that experience on YouTube. There are more videos available for those at a lower price point.

What music video have you most enjoyed? What film were you most interested in attending?

I was most interested in watching a girl’s anal sex video by a woman called Miss Dillion. She also went by the name Miss Dillion and had a pretty strong website. One of our other favorites was PornStar Kinky Kinky. There was also a scene with a girl I’m not sure if it was filmed, but looking through the Vevo archives I wasn’t able to locate it. There was also a pretty hardcore anal sex video called “Nailed It. What Happened Next” also by Miss Dillion by a woman named Jessica Simpson. I was able to access her website and check out a lot of videos she shot. We also checked out a couple more videos on the Vevo site and found the same girl who did the first two videos.

There weren’t a lot of women porn stars that were of a similar standard so I wasn’t able to watch them, but there were a couple that were decent performers and I was able to check out a lot of videos. I was really interested in knowing more about what goes into making it!
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How would you characterize the relationship between the women and porn actors you researched? How does this work now?

It’s actually great…we talked the first time I met with a Porn Star at a local movie theater. She wasn’t exactly into movies, but told me she’d be interested in doing a part we did. She ended up doing an anal scene with me

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