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If you plan to make a music video in any form, you should be using a camera that can capture a live, in-focus image. The type of camera used also depends on what is intended to be a music video, which can be a wide variety of different types.

Most videos shot with DSLR cameras capture an image on a small sensor. That means that you are actually capturing a small number of pixels. The more pixels that are captured (or the smaller a sensor is), the higher the resolution of the pictures captured – and the better the photos will look on your screen. Cameras that produce image files with resolution less than 640×480 or less than 1280×720 are generally not used for music videos.

This is a list of examples for DSLR cameras and digital video cameras.

The best camera for music video making is the latest generation of Sony digital cameras, and the Sony A7S III and Sony A8s II. You may have heard that Sony is developing its own digital video camera to compete with the new Sony A7. In the meantime, Sony’s A1 still camera is used for music videos (at least as long as Sony’s “X” series is used as a camera model).

Can I use the standard video modes in my music videos?

Yes. This means that they should cover most of the basic video formats.

Standard video modes used in music videos include:

16:9 aspect ratio – 4:3 or 4:2

16:9 aspect ratio – 4:3 or 4:2 24p (2560×1080), 5Mbps (28.976×1620)

(2560×1080), 5Mbps (28.976×1620) 30p, 24p (2560×1440), 3Mbps (28.976×1620)

24p (2560×1440), 3Mbps (28.976×1620) 16:10 aspect ratio – 2:1
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(2:1 4:3 aspect ratio – 2:1)

Standard video modes used in music videos include:

FHD (1080p) – 1080p 1080, 120, 100, 60, 25, 24, 1080

(1080p) 120, 100, 60, 25, 24, 1080 (720p, 1080p 720, 480p) – 720

(720p, 1080p 720, 480p)

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