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Facing accusations of censorship on Facebook, Google and beyond, the company is now considering banning some users from posting videos to the social network about controversial topics.

In the past five years, the company has faced increasing political pressure from users on a host of different issues, including gay marriage and gun control.

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, has seen a dramatic rise in political posts. According to the latest research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the United States had one of the most politically active social networks in 2015.

The social network allows users to share images and links posted on the site, which are later indexed by search engines for related posts.

But this has caused problems for certain conservatives and conservatives.

Since 2010, conservatives have become increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with Facebook. In May 2010, for example, the website The published an article that argued that social media was making people more narcissistic, which in turn was making people more prone to becoming targets of right-wing harassment and attacks online. In the article, the author claimed that the rise of social media platforms would lead many young people to turn extremist, leading to “the rise of white supremacy.”

In 2015, a conservative blogger named John Rivers appeared in a video on Facebook called “I Got Censored And They Covered It up,” calling out social media for its censorship. The video featured four Facebook users who talked about the censorship they faced on conservative platforms during July 2014. One of those users said that Facebook removed her name from her page after they had flagged her post.

“Just went through my Facebook feed recently and you can see everything I’ve ever posted,” said the blogger. “They removed it within four hours of me going to post it. This doesn’t happen to me for nothing.”

“I think their censorship policy needs to reflect more who they are. I’ve been blocked from Facebook for five consecutive weeks because I said I wasn’t a Christian. It’s not the First Amendment, it’s the First and Fourth Amendments. Why can’t I express my beliefs with my name on it or have a religion on it?” she said.

This year, Facebook has faced increasing pressure from conservative users, who have complained about a number of issues, including conservative groups being placed in a “special category” on the site, and the use of “fake

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