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And the answer is: “Not really.” You don’t have to spend hours tweaking your video with everything in sight (some people even swear that it’s easier than you think) – and the tools are free.

If you want to improve your video production skills, then you should learn how to edit on the cheap.

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Virulent Plague is a sorcery used by Vampires to prevent and destroy creatures and to inflict damage to their opponents.

Effects that prevent creatures from attacking are called Preventing Creatures. Removal spells with an “other” keyword and counterspells with the “counter” keyword (and any type with “counter”) do not prevent creatures from attacking.

It may be possible to use Virulent Plague to remove an ability that is preventing a creature from attacking (like the ability to prevent an effect such as [Return from the Grazing Caverns]) by spending 1 mana rather than 2. (Note that effects like [Reveal the Dark and [Reveal the Past] are still prevented by Virulent Plague: they both can damage a player.)

The creature the spell affects gains the ability to block.

WARNING – This entry is under FIFTH EDITION rules and may not be correct. Color=Blue Type=Summon Zombies Cost=1U ABUR45(U1) Text(ABU/RV/4th/5th): 2/2, First Strike. ; {Tap}: Destroy target artifact or enchantment and gain 1 life. [Oracle 07/01/98]

WARNING – This entry is under FIFTH EDITION rules and may not be correct. Color=Red Type=Sorcery Cost=R AL(U3) Text(AL+errata): Destroy target enchantment. You gain half the damage from any artifact or enchantment dealt to you by that enchantment. If a creature enters the battlefield because of the cost, that creature is destroyed with its +1/+1 counter removed. Can be used on any permanent and cannot be used on permanents that die in combat. [Barclay 02/10/95]

The damage does not reduce the mana needed to pay for upkeep. [Barclay 02/10/95]

It is not used to determine if the effect ends at end of turn. See Rule C.5.4. [DeLaney 08/15/98] You can only use a card for X-Y damage that is dealt during

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