Is there a demand for video editors? – Videography Bootcamp

No – it really isn’t a popular job at all. You can go to any of the newsstands or get video editing at video-makers shops, like Videogames Magazine or Video-makers for Kids etc. There’s little demand for video editor positions. I think that might be where I find myself: freelancing and trying to save to pay my bills – but only to get the job done. I’d love to have an editor I can go to if I ever need something done. It’s really all about the content.

My website is for all the fun videos and photography I do that makes it all worthwhile. And it’s a real-time job: I’ve got a team that comes in to edit and upload the content to Vimeo in real-time to all of the media sites that I cover.

Do you pay your staff in a fixed-rate or regular-rate system?
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I’m a full-time employee at a small company and so my wages are determined by how the site is doing. But I don’t have anything else in terms of staff-related income: most of my staff is a small group of people – and that includes two of my managers. My job is to bring something to the site, and that really starts at the top. I’ve got to make sure the content is good enough and interesting enough to generate a lot of traffic. It’s the job of the top guys to create the content and make it attractive to a large audience.

And what was the most difficult assignment for you?

The first job was writing and editing articles for the new, smaller website. In the past, I’d be putting up an article and then asking people to click through, and I’d be done with it before I realised it was half-decent. So I wrote the article – so the first thing I’ve got to do is to find all the people who saw the article and wanted to read it. And then I’ve got to sort out all the problems. If, for example, I need a picture of someone from the street in front of a shop that’s only open to tourists – then I’ll get the image on the site – and then I can fix the situation. It can be a difficult job – but that’s when I was really trying to find out what the problem was and whether I could solve it. It was probably a few hours’ work for each problem that I had

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