Is GoPro good for making YouTube videos?

Yes. They are a great choice for DIYers because the prices are on the low side when compared to the rest of the market ($599.99 for the Hero 3 and $399.99 for the Hero 4 Session). Also, they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other video cameras as well. I bought a 3D printer for $300 (or so) and the Hero 4’s software that converts an SD card to a 3D printer is free. There is no need to purchase a full software suite, and each new Hero shoots in 720p and has 30 frames per second and a 2.8 second continuous video recording. Also, there are no limitations on the speed at which the GoPro is able to transmit the video from one camera to the other.

The two cameras use 8-megapixel HD sensors with 1,440×2,560 pixels and video processing is based around a 10MP Aperture, 2MP Color CMOS sensor. The Hero 3 has an 18MP sensor and the Hero 4 Session has 20MP. With 1080p recording and recording at 30fps, all of the Hero’s camera has a bitrate of 4800 bps.

Both of the Hero 3 and Hero 4 are still compatible with all older GoPro cameras, but the new cameras do not support GoPro’s “GoPro Story Mode” mode. Instead, they use a simple “Story” file option. The “Hero 4 Session” camera is compatible with newer GoPro cameras but does not have an 8-megapixel sensor.

Does an old GoPro use a GoPro Hero?

While I don’t know if the older Hero (Hero 2) used to be used with the Hero 3, I do know that it did not. I got an old Hero for my sister (who is a licensed nurse) and the photos look ok on a small digital camera as long as she is holding it upside down. I can say for certain that she can see me, but I have no idea how far, because I am trying to be discreet, and it is not easy to use it around my home because of the small size.

So my question is (and can this be used as an excuse for another camera or a second GoPro?): how does the Hero camera (or the new Hero) compare to the existing Hero cameras? (I don’t want to give a cheap knock on my old one, but I am wondering if people still buy this camera and use it or not, just because of it’s current looks