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For video creation, GoPro is clearly good. But, if you’re looking for cheap video capture, you’re in luck — at nearly every price point, GoPro keeps offering a good option — and there’s no shame in that.
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A few of the most popular GoPro accessories include mounts, and some of those mounts actually come in a variety of price points, ranging from $59 for a single mount to $79 for a 2-port version. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there’s an option somewhere.

Do GoPro cameras have a built-in mic?

Yes! There are a variety of compatible GoPro cameras. The best of the bunch is the GoPro Hero 4 Session, or the Hero 4 Black. For even more footage, the Hero 4 Black’s wireless microphone and WiFi camera connectivity make it a go-to GoPro for recording professional-style home videos.

Are they waterproof?

Yes — both the Hero 4 Session and its Hero 4 Black sibling share the same waterproof IPX7 rating. And you can take them to the next level and opt for GoPro DSR or HD or Hero+, depending on location.

Are they waterproof with the swim mode?

The Hero 4 Session and its Hero 4 Black sibling are 100 percent splash, dust and weather-resistant. Splash and dust protection may also be offered via the Splash Protection System.

What does water protection mean?

Waterproof GoPro cameras come with an added layer to protect the camera from splashes. They include one or more of three different IPX7 ratings to ensure a solid and reliable underwater experience.

Why should I buy a GoPro for filmmaking?

If you just made the transition to filmmaking, or you just want to get started — and you’re looking for a great quality video cam to fill in the gaps — then a GoPro will meet your needs. But, if you want a lot more footage and are looking to purchase a more expensive camera, a waterproof camera is a great option.

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When it was announced late last month, the final details of the new deal were hardly clear.

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