Is GoPro good for making YouTube videos? – Event Videography Tips

How do you go about getting the most out of GoPro cameras?

A quick note about how to properly use a GoPro (and a lot of other cameras that do well) when making YouTube videos.

The main reason GoPro cameras are great for taking videos is that they are relatively inexpensive and powerful, and they are a lot easier to use than DSLRs.

The fact that cameras like the GoPro do so well is very similar to how good a point and shoot or any other camera is. It’s the camera that allows you to record what you’re doing and share it with the world.

The GoPro is a video camera. Not a video camera, but that’s what most of us are calling a GoPro camera now.

It’s more like a digital SLR. I’m sure some of you don’t remember if you have ever seen one of those. The downside is that the camera must be mounted on a tripod or a vehicle for use in the field. That’s fine if the camera can do a good job, but if it’s just a GoPro then it just looks crappy on your wall or in your pocket at all.

A lot of people get the idea from a comparison of the GoPro to a smartphone. If you think about it, that analogy feels a lot like the iPhone. Both are cameras that require a tripod and a vehicle to get into the shooting field.

If you are thinking about purchasing a GoPro like this, you really want a camera that’s powerful and doesn’t have problems in low light. A GoPro that can go all day isn’t very useful for that kind of use.

If you do buy a GoPro, remember to use common sense. Don’t use a GoPro in the field or in a vehicle. If it’s too heavy, or a car or a tripod isn’t available, don’t use it.

How are best used in the field?

The best uses for the GoPro are:

Taking long videos (like an hour or two of your favorite show) – You can get away with it, but if you’re filming something you really don’t care about, think about how you’ll do that other than using a smartphone or your computer.

Using other cameras – GoPro doesn’t handle well with another camera while recording, so don’t be tempted to use it.

Taking good slow motion video – A GoPro works best with slow motion video. This is especially important when you’re shooting with some action cameras like

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