Is 5mp same as 4k?

How about 5mp and 4k? We can even do both 5mp and 4k!

The following is a list of items that make good gifts for Pippa, who likes Historical, white items and dislikes Rock items.

Best Gifts for Pippa: Historical, white items

The following items have Pippa’s favorite style and color.

Name Type Name Color 1 Color 2 chokos pants top white white big-dot tank top red white big-dot tee top red white big-star tee top orange white blue-grid tee top aqua white checkered tee top white white desert-camo shirt top beige white desert-camo tee top beige white dragon suit top orange white imperial shirt top yellow white kung-fu shirt top black black kung-tu shirt top beige white momo-tank top orange white momo- tee top orange white neoprene tank top transparent white neon tee top yellow colorful picnic shirt top pink beige picnic tee top pink beige pink argyle shirt top pink beige pink argyle tee top pink beige purple down jacket top purple purple red down jacket top red red red warm-up suit top pink brown school bell shirt top yellow aqua school bell tee top yellow aqua school shirt top red black team ntdo tee top white black white t-shirt top white black zipper shirt top white black zipper tank top white black alpine bed furniture brown beige alpine chair furniture brown beige alpine clock furniture brown beige alpine closet furniture brown beige alpine dresser furniture brown beige alpine lamp furniture brown beige alpine low table furniture brown beige alpine panel furniture brown beige alpine shelf furniture brown beige alpine sofa furniture brown beige alpine table furniture brown beige bath mat furniture aqua brown bath stool furniture aqua white birdcage furniture brown brown big festive tree furniture red purple birthday cake furniture red colorful blossom lantern furniture yellow colorful bear pole furniture colorful brown birthday sign furniture yellow brown blue certificate furniture red beige bucket furniture yellow yellow butterfly machine furniture gray black caladium furniture green brown captain’s monitor furniture colorful colorful captain’s chair furniture orange white carafe furniture brown colorful card bed furniture red white card chair furniture red white card closet furniture red white card dresser furniture red white card lamp furniture red white card screen furniture red white card shelf furniture red white card sofa furniture red white card table furniture red white carpenter’s stool furniture blue white ceramic kettle furniture white white