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I don’t know, that’s a discussion for another day. But it’s interesting to think. The current generation of 4K TVs are simply not powerful enough to capture the full capabilities of a full HD television. So we have the 1080p generation of TV with an incredible image resolution of 468 pixels per inch (ppi) but the 4K TVs don’t make that image look as good as a full HD television.

What does the TV technology make of it?

For our purposes we’re looking at a TV with a resolution of about 538 pixels per inch (ppi), which means the 4K TV has to display about 538 times the pixels per inch than a 1080p TV to match a 538-ppi image.

In other words, if we’re comparing one TV with a resolution of 538 pixels per inch, which is equivalent to 1080p, with a lower resolution of 438 pixels per inch, which is equivalent to 720p, then you have to give up 2-3 frames of content to compare the two.

Another difference is that if you take the pixels off one edge, the pixels on the other edge are still on the same side of the screen. If you take them off one edge, the pixels on the other edge appear to drop down into 4k, which is what the 4K TV displays. In other words, in all 4k TV’s in our opinion, it is the pixels that should be considered the main difference.

And because when it comes down to it, when you have 1,024- ppi TV’s, all images will look as good as possible. 4k TV’s with 4k resolution look as good as 1080p, but those still will not have as good a viewing angle as 1080p TVs. 4K TVs will also have more screen edges, while 1080p TVs have more screen edges.

So where are the 4k TVs available?
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Right now, most consumers are choosing to buy 4k TVs that are 4k-only, since most will support HDR. A lot of people have asked us about a 4k TV without HDR support and other things like that.

You can find a lot of really high-end 4K TVs out there now, like the Seiki X900D. However, only a few of them have HDR support. So if you don’t want to wait for the 4k TVs to hit the market first, then the Seiki X900D is

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