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This past Saturday was The New School’s annual Halloween party in the Union Square area. It started off with a small group of students gathering to play, drink, and listen to a live indie band called Etta James. After that it was off to a full house with a large line-up of bands!

There were two major things that I had to show up to for Halloween:

– A Costume Contest by the Student Community

– The biggest Halloween party in the city

The Student Community of New York is not only a wonderful resource for finding great costumes, costumes are also a huge part of the Halloween scene! You can usually find yourself asking “What should I wear” once the party gets hot or sweaty. But, the Students have a wide variety of ideas on how to spice it up for your next Halloween party. Here are two of my favorites, both great choices that were easily bought off of a website.

The Bunnies by A-J and the Band-O Boys

This costume was simple yet adorable! I’ve always wondered about the cute animals being involved when people wear costumes, so I was so pleased to see it on A-J and the Band-O Boys’ site.

Bunnies are adorable! They look like cartoon bunny ears and make great party favors if you’ve got kids at home or a party going on nearby. You can wear one as a costume, or use one of the ear holes as a poncho, and then attach a bunnies pendant.

This is also an adorable costume for a group of kids (and adults) to do together! Kids may love the poncho, or adults may love the bunnies!

Another great costume is to pair your costume with A-J’s T-shirt and T-shirt shorts! The shirt and shorts make a great combination that makes these outfits so versatile and fun to wear! These are great for the entire family!

Halloween Party Hype & Tips of the Day

Get the costumes started! Don’t wait and do it now! If you get bored doing the same thing everyday, you may not be ready for this party! You just might need a break, so get the costumes started!
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The trick to a great costume is to get the right look! A group of friends may

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